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Costa Rican Women Earn Less Than Men

Costa Rica News – Do you ever wonder why may Costa Rican women chose to move to the USA? Do you ever think about why many Costa Rican women turn to a life of prostitution? Perhaps it is because they are not compensated the same as men for the same jobs.

Hispanic Latina Woman or BusinesswomanThe UNA, National University, did a study based on the results of the 2012 National Household Survey in Costa Rica. Their findings included that women earn 27% less than male counterparts for the same job in the private sector. It didn’t matter what their profession or education was.

Government jobs are closer to equalizing benefits for both sexes. They are not there yet, but in the public sector women earn 7% less than the men.

The report showed a higher level of unemployment among women than men. Roxana Morales, a researcher who worked on the study, explained, “There are many pretexts for not hiring women. Employers ask personal questions, like if a woman has had her tubes tied to not have children.” That’s an inappropriate interview question that people answer to be polite.

It ends up being a strike against them because companies have to pay a large portion of maternity pay.

An interesting twist in the study’s findings was that more women than men were university-educated.

That should add up to more jobs for the more educated gender, but 6% of men are unemployed, compared to 10% of the ladies.


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