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Costa Rican Volcanoes

Costa Rica has an abundant number of Volcanoes within its territories and several of which are renowned hot spots as tourist destinations.

If you’re an avid sightseer then it’s always a good idea to visit the following places:

Poás National Park

Located in the Central Highlands ofCosta Rica, Poás is one of the largest and most prominent volcanoes inCosta Rica. Its highest peak is 8,885 feet above sea level. Its crater is filled with water making it a scenic sulfuric lake. The national park also houses a diverse amount of flora and fauna and is a mere one and a half hour drive fromSan Jose.

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

Found at Guanacaste, this majestic cinder cone volcano name means “the old woman’s corner” springing from a local legend about 2 lovers separated by a disapproving father. It provides a good challenge for avid hikers, and there are a number of hot spring resorts at the foot of this complex volcano.

Arenal Volcano

Perhaps the most active volcano inCosta Rica, the area surrounding the Arenal has always been a popular tourist destination. One of its great appeals is the opportunity to view lava flow. Hot spring resorts are also abundant in the surrounding area.


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