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Costa Rican Times Horoscope – Nov 4th to Nov 10th

This weeks Costa Rican Times Horoscope by Lou Cheek.

weekly horoscope from costa rica
aries ARIES March 21 – April 20 The need to make things happen-particularly in the romantic realm-could lead you to compulsive actions this week. Love isn’t something that can be forced. Daily life has been a virtual roller coaster recently and, as a result, you find it hard to separate the external from the intimate. Leaving work at work is a good way to keep these two facets unique and distinct. You work hard so play hard this weekend. You’ve earned it.
taurus TAURUS April 21 – May 21 A fortunate partnership starts off the week. There is the possibility of financial gain if you are willing to truly commit yourself towards the end result. Perhaps the biggest challenge is to accept that you may not always been in control. If you can the rest comes easy. Care must be taken, however, to make sure that you can deliver on whatever you promise. This is a great chance for growth so embrace it.
gemini GEMINI May 22 – June 21 This is a good week for business and finance. It’s time to get down to the heart of the matter and you are more than ready. The true mystery, however, is whether you are willing to release the past and actually make a leap of faith. Late in the week you will receive a kind of sign or recognition that it is time to step into the shadows of the unknown to see what awaits. Whether you take that step is up to you.
cancer CANCER June 22 – July 23 A new clarity seems to be unfolding for you this week on several levels. The uncertainty about what course of action to take where career is concerned lifts and you are able to finally see the niche you are meant to fit into. During the middle of the week an opportunity to travel may arise. If at all possible, this is a trip you need to take. What you learn proves that the journey is often more important than the destination.
leo LEO July 24 – August 23 Trying to cut corners-either in work related matters or personal relationships- could make this a rough week. You’re brimming with energy and creative ideas at the start but these can get sidetracked if you are caught up in power struggles. What is needed is to emphasize cooperation (yours and others) and taking the time to listen to different points of view. Your romantic partner can provide a unique perspective so pay attention.
virgo VIRGO August 24 – September 23 Friendships could be tested this week. Trying to balance your personal agenda with that of the group is both physically and emotionally draining. You can’t be all things to all people and, ultimately, you will need to make a choice-to stay with the status quo or daring to follow your dream. By week’s end, the answer will be made clear to you in a rather dramatic fashion. Don’t fight the current, let it carry you along.
libra LIBRA September 24 – October 23 Endings and beginnings are facing you this week. In the realm of love and romance you may have to finally accept that things are drawing to a close. Yet, even in sadness, you may discover an unknown gift or talent that will serve you well. This was not wasted time but, rather, a time of rediscovery. Towards the end of the week you encounter a synastry of events that portend the path ahead. Embrace your rebirth!!
scorpio SCORPIO October 24 – November 22 Lots of confidence and good instincts will create some opportunities for financial gain this week. From the start of the week, you find that you function better working alone. While this will have a temporary impact on love and romance, merging your emotions and natural drive is what is called for now. Your ability to investigate and research will also pay dividends. Something or someone you thought lost now returns.
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS November 23 – December 22 Money matters hit highs and lows this week. Regardless, you find that it’s all just a change in the weather and manage to keep your focus on the things you want to accomplish. You will need to avoid any new financial undertakings mid-week as they could have hidden costs that aren’t apparent on the surface. This is actually a good time to sit back and reflect on recent events and reset your perspectives and priorities.
capricorn CAPRICORN December 23 – January 20 Communications of all types are important this week. Your words and non-verbal messages carry more weight than you realize especially where work/school may be involved. Care must be taken mid-week not to come across as either too harsh or secretive; let your intuition guide you in this as timing is important now. Finish those errands you’ve been putting off so you can focus on more important matters.
aquarius AQUARIUS January 21 – February 19 Timing is everything and this week finds you in the right and time and place where emotional and romantic issues are concerned. Remember to keep a factual perspective even when passions are high. There is a new sense of communication between the two of you that goes a long way to restoring harmony on the home front. Near week’s end inspiration appears from an unlikely source so keep an eye out for it.
pisces PISCES February 20 – March 20 This is going to be a uneven week for romance. The feeling that you’re not really understood is frustrating and, as a result, you find yourself withdrawing mid-week. Try not to take things so personally and look, instead for a creative outlet that will let you redirect your energy with risking losing something valuable-like your romantic partner. This can be a constructive time albeit a challenging one.

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