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Costa Rican Times Horoscope – Nov 18th to Nov 24th

This weeks Costa Rican Times Horoscope by Lou Cheek.

weekly horoscope from costa rica
aries ARIES March 21 – April 20 Your energies have been directed in serving the needs of others-both professionally and personally but the question now needs to be answered: How are you serving yourself? It is important to take a look at the bigger picture this week and make certain your own goals are being furthered as well. By the end of the week, you should be able to start prioritizing how best to get from the proverbial point A to point B.
taurus TAURUS April 21 – May 21 Discovering the difference between what you want and what you need is the task before you this week. This is especially true where monetary matters or romance are involved. The key is to embrace the reality rather than the illusion. Mid-week a powerful connection could lead to fireworks that obscures the true nature of the situation. Remember, wishing things were different doesn’t mean that they are.
gemini GEMINI May 22 – June 21 Reinventing yourself is your task this week. What is needed now is a fresh look at your financial situation in general. The way you earn income may need a change of pace. Support may come from an unexpected source late in the week. You find yourself looking for corners to cut; this time, however, there is no easy way. Focus your energy on dotting every “I” and crossing ever “T”. The effort will pay off.
cancer CANCER June 22 – July 23 With your emotional energy running on high, you are feeling that you can conquer the world. Pay close attention to your most vivid dreams especially early in the week. There may be a prophetic message there for you. Use this time to examine your personal philosophy about both life and love. That “chance meeting” may actually be the spiritual springboard you’ve needed. Embrace the possibilities.
leo LEO July 24 – August 23 The beginning of the week focuses on the art of persuasion-particularly where emotional relationships are involved. You’ve been putting so much effort into your public standing that your personal life may be suffering more than you realize. Rather than viewing romance as an attainment, remember that your partner has his or her own dreams and goals. Understanding that reality and working together, you both can thrive.
virgo VIRGO August 24 – September 23 Discovering, or rediscovering your vision quest takes you somewhat by surprise this week. As a result, the routines that you have been following get upended-which is not a bad thing. This may require you to stand apart from your friends if only for a short while. Yet have no fear of being alone-you may find, by week’s end that the romantic partner you’ve wished for is closer than you thought. Karmic alliance at its best.
libra LIBRA September 24 – October 23 Over-analyzing communications and messages cause unnecessary stress this week, particularly where romantic relationships are concerned. Reading “between the lines” can be useful as long as the lines themselves are also read. Sometimes things are exactly as they seem and it is important to accept that truth-whether positive of negative in nature. When in deep emotional water, become a diver and seek within.
scorpio SCORPIO October 24 – November 22 Irritations where love is concerned could be a reflection of your own uneasiness. You want to do something but can’t quite visualize what that should be. An unexpected but intense event, or meeting, mid-week leaves you feeling out of control and unsure of where you stand. This is definitely not a time to make major decisions-particularly where romance is involved. Hidden resources make themselves known.
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS November 23 – December 22 Right from the beginning of the week, money matters take center stage. Some kind of unexpected expense may actually reveal a hidden opportunity. The key is to remain calm on the surface even as your level of emotional intensity rises internally. Timing is also important-if you are going to take a risk, make it a calculated one. Use the old carpenter’s rule: Measure twice, cut once.
capricorn CAPRICORN December 23 – January 20 Pragmatism could be a double-edged sword this week. While this approach is good where work/career matters are concerned, being restricted in your ability to think “outside the box” could hurt you in terms of personal matters. Mid-week could find you coming across more harshly than you intend. Perceptions are more important than you might think try and loosen up just a little. It will make things easier.
aquarius AQUARIUS January 21 – February 19 This is a good week for reflection. In a real sense, it is time that you release some old memories or habits that you have outgrown and allow the new path you have started to unfold. It is not necessary to defend your goals or ideals; the effort you put in to achieving them will speak volumes. Creative visualization late in the week can be a potent force. Combined with intuition you can make some serious magic.
pisces PISCES February 20 – March 20 Money matters are front and center this week. This is not a time to speculate as the likelihood of being disappointed far outweighs the chance of a positive outcome. What is needed is a “safe” outlet for all the creative energy you’re feeling. Channel some of that inventiveness into planning a holiday party or getaway. It’s not necessary to make it all happen right now. Good things are worth waiting for.

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