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Costa Rican Times Horoscope – March 24th to March 30th

This weeks Costa Rican Times Horoscope by Lou Cheek.

weekly horoscope from costa rica
ariesARIES March 21 – April 20 Lots of energy this week but not clear direction on the best way to use it. Romantic encounters tend to be more self-centered rather than being conscious of the feelings of others. An impulsive or spontaneous meeting/decision later in the week could be truly intense but not necessarily of long duration. Rather than trying to create facts from fiction, better to enjoy the fantasy of the moment and part as friends.
taurusTAURUS April 21 – May 21 This week is about resolving some old debts-financial and karmic. The willingness to acknowledge that these things have to be resolved in order to rebalance yourself and create the kind of grounded existence that will provide the security you are seeking is a key aspect of this process. The latter part of the week will reveal a potential opportunity to rebuild/refeather your nest. Be that early bird to find that golden “worm”.
geminiGEMINI May 22 – June 21 Being quick on your feet-literally and figuratively is at the start of the week is going to be essential as there are competing interests for your time and attention on both the social and career/work fronts. With all the potential avenues in front of you, sorting through this “information storm” is going to test both your focus and your endurance. A good rule of thumb now would be “think twice, speak once”..
cancerCANCER June 22 – July 23 A sense of obligation particularly where family matters are involved drives you to take on more that you can comfortably manage this week. Although things start well, by mid-week you may find that you are over your head financially. The best way to regain some semblance of order is to keep the bigger picture in mind and use that as your spiritual compass. Find the karmic “true north” and direct your steps that way.
leoLEO July 24 – August 23 The desire to be “front and center” this week can be a kind of mixed bag for you. While getting the recognition that you desire is important, it is equally important that any speculation-monetary or romantic- that you engage in be kept in context. The pleasures/rewards are there but will only be of short duration. As the week draws to a close, keep this fact in mind and begin to prepare for the future that is about to unfold.
virgoVIRGO August 24 – September 23 Mental stagnation is a problem this week as the daily grind seems to be unusually tedious. The feeling that you’re somehow being held back could make you come across as abrupt or demanding particularly in work/school activities. Finding an outlet mid-week is important from both emotional and physical health perspectives. What may seem like recreation may actually be the mental recharge that you need now.
libraLIBRA September 24 – October 23 There is a sense of urgency where finances are involved that seems to demand that you make a quick decision at the start of the week. Remembering the old saying about haste making waste is important as you want to avoid committing resources that you may not have to an uncertain end. Keep in mind that accidents-emotional and physical-are also more likely now. Don’t’ become your own worst adversary.
scorpioSCORPIO October 24 – November 22 Secrets involving romantic and/or money could cause a real emotional storm at the start of the week. Fear of rejection-even with an established lover-has created a distance in the relationship. This is not something you can fix with finances-in fact the risk of falling into a kind of “money pit” is high so spend with caution. What is needed is to truly examine whether you are asking more than is possible-be honest as you answer.
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS November 23 – December 22 This is a good time to plan an adventure or excursion even if you aren’t able to actually to go right now. At the start of the week you may encounter a kind of synchronistic event that provides some important clues on the romantic front. In a real sense, a journey of the heart can be one of the most profound adventures we can embark on. Dare to expand your possibilities-the results may surprise and delight you!!
capricornCAPRICORN December 23 – January 20 The “business” of romance is your focus this week. A new (relatively) relationship is beginning to heat up and is truly the center of your energy-to the exclusion of most other matters especially mid-week. At the same time, your intensity could lead to becoming over-demanding or possessive. Cultivating patience and allowing things to develop in their own time is the key to making this more than a casual fling.
aquariusAQUARIUS January 21 – February 19 Group activities are favored this week-up to a point. Work related projects certainly can be accomplished faster by cooperation but you have no intention of spending what little free time is available with “the crowd”. The desire for a different path increases late in the week. Remember, timing (and karma) is everything and so you’ll need patience. A pleasant and unexpected encounter is waiting at week’s end.
piscesPISCES February 20 – March 20 Communicating before thinking (via speech, email, etc.) can cause difficulty in career matters this week. It seems that mixed or contradictory messages have clouded the issue to a point where making a decision is nearly impossible-so don’t!! Your imagination is in overdrive and could set you up for a dramatic fall near the end of the week. Emotions can be overwhelming but revealing-don’t fear them, “hear” them.

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