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Costa Rican “Television Swallower” Escapes Capture Over the Weekend (Video)

Costa Rica News – Seems the “Television Swallower” is a crafty little minx. A woman, who hid a flat-screen television between her legs and walked out of an appliance store in Costa Rica, narrowly escaped capture over the weekend.

costa rica television swallower 1Video of the woman quickly sticking the boxed 16-inch flat-screen between her legs and walking out of the store went viral last weekend when it was posted by local police. The woman was referred to in the local press as “the swallower of televisions” or “tragateles” in Spanish slang.

A local newspaper in Costa Rica published a drawing of the special belt the suspect is believed to have used to walk away with the boxed flat-screen.

A spokeswoman for the Organization of Judicial Investigation (OIJ) said officers closed in on the woman Friday night but she lifted one of the strips of the tin roof where she was staying and escaped into the night in Purral Goicoechea, a suburb of San Jose.

Police said they were able to capture the other woman shown in the store surveillance video on Saturday after another theft.

Police said they know who the suspect is and hope to have her in custody in the next few days.

The original theft occurred on Nov. 11, 2014 at the M Express store, in Guapiles, Costa Rica. Investigators released the store video last week in hopes someone would recognize her and come forward.

By Wayne Harrison, TheDenverChannel

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