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Costa Rican Surfers Ready for 2019 Pan American Games

Costa Rica Surfing – Surfing is now an official sport for the 2019 Pan American Games, which is to be held in Lima, Peru.

Cali Muñoz costa rica surfing 1This news is huge for the Costa Rican surfers who have been gaining such popularity recently.

Cali Muñoz, Anthony Fillingim and Jason Torres are names known around the country. They were selected to surf for a world title based on their performance at Popoyo Beach in Nicaragua this June.

The surfers noted that this is a huge step towards opening the door to the Olympics.

They dream of being part of something big. Now is the time of opportunity, they all believe.

The top surfers are looking forward to forming a national team and being in the Pan.

The president of the Surfing Federation of Costa Rica explained that including surfing in the Olympics is something that has been discussed and is now a viable possibility.

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