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Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) Puts Zika Virus Info on Website

Costa Rica News – We are hearing a lot about Zika these days. It is a new epidemic that many are not familiar with.

microcephaly zika virus 1Do you know what symptoms of Zika are and how the virus is transmitted? How about measures of protection against it?

Check out the website of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund,, because they have created a subsite just for information about this disease, which has recorded two cases in Costa Rica so far.

Some of the most important information is that it is spread by mosquito bites and mosquitos breed in areas with stagnant water, such as boats, pet food dishes, potted plants and tires.

Anything that collects water should be overturned regularly.

The CCSS has been making visits throughout the country to inform communities about the disease and prevention. In addition to keeping your surroundings dry, clean dark areas of the house such as closets, use mosquito nets and wear insect repellent.

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