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Costa Rican Social Security Fund Breastfeeding Video Blocked on Facebook

Costa Rica News – I haven’t heard of Facebook blocking too many videos. It would have to be something really bad, or would it?

breastfeeding video costa ricaActually, the social network just made headlines for banning a video from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, of all things!

The video posted by the CCSS showed bare breasts, which was the reason it was blocked. What Facebook failed to care about was that it was about breastfeeding and meant to be educational in nature.

The video included tips on feeding a baby and how to place the breast so that the infant can get more milk. It also shared benefits of this natural way to nourish a baby.

It wasn’t showing naked people for no reason.

The CCSS has over 170,000 followers, so it’s a great way to share health messages such as this one.

Ticos follow this organization for the purpose of getting health updates and suggestions.

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