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Costa Rican Selected for Clinical Oncology & Cancer Research Program

Costa Rica News – A Tica, Cecilia Monge, was chosen from among 3,000 aspirants for a study program in clinical oncology and cancer research.

Only 10 of the 3,000 were chosen and she is the only one not from the US.

She will be moving to Washington with her husband and two children. It will be an experience that leads to growth for all of them and both professionally and personally for her. She is excited to get to know another culture with her family.

For the next three to five years she will work in a cancer clinic part time and the other part in research.

She chose this field because of the great advances happening.

She hopes that in the medium term cancer will no longer be the second cause of death.

She will travel there to the National Institute of Health of the United States and the National Cancer Institute in the middle of this year. She will work alongside 88 Nobel Prize winners.

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