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Costa Rican Offers Ashtanga Yoga Challenge

Costa Rica News – Costa Rican Adriana Calvo realized her Ashtanga yoga path while embarking on a journey to heal injuries she suffered training for triathlons early in her life. Having practiced with teachers such as Matias Flury, Noah Williams, Tim Miller and Cristina Sell; Adriana has committed herself to sharing her experiences with others.

adriana calvo yoga teacher 1She is offering a 4 day Ashtanga Yoga & Green Juice Challenge in Miami beach starting this coming Valentines Day. It is a perfect gift for the significant other that wants to have that intense yoga experience.

The below is from professional yoda teacher, Costa Rican Adriana Calvo.

Each time I teach a yoga class there is a common interest amongst my students. Each individual aspires to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Stress due to a demanding lifestyle, illness, or simply a desire to improve one’s way of living are all reasons practicing yoga a few times a week and pursuing  healthier habits seem to be the answer to achieving peace of mind and balanced health.

Alike engaging in other physical activities, the body eventually reaches a plateau. In order to reach beyond this threshold one must challenge themselves in new ways. One approach to achieve this is to alternate your weekly practice by joining an Ashtanga yoga class.

The Ashtanga Yoga tradition is a more physical demanding type of yoga. Composed of several series consisting of postures and transitions, Ashtanga yoga will challenge beginners and advance practitioners alike.

Within my yoga experience, not just as a teacher but as a student as well, I have learned that proper nutrition and attaining adequate sleep can be immeasurably beneficial towards sustaining healthier habits. I have found that these are key ingredients to maintaining a solid practice and a healthy lifestyle.

Green Juicing can be the tool needed in order to take a giant step towards a healthy lifestyle. Organic and fresh green FlyerMiamijuices supply the body with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and also contain an abundance of nutrients. It is the natural way to assist the body with the production of healthy blood cells, detoxification, disease prevention, inflammation, lower cholesterol, boost the immune system and regulate the blood sugar levels among other benefits such as alkalinizing your body so fungus, viruses and bacteria can’t survive.

So are you ready to lift the bar and get out of your comfort zone? Bring your Yoga practice to the next level and add green juice to daily habits.

Go to the Yoga That Website to Participate in this Yoga Experience

Adriana Calvo

Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

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