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Costa Rican Movie “El Calor Después de la Lluvia” Previews First Trailer (Video)

Costa Rica Entertainment – A tico movie, “El calor después de la lluvia,” or “The Heat After the Rain,” has unveiled its first trailer.

The film is about the “Romería” in which pilgrims walk to the Virgin of Los Angeles.

Cristóbal Serrá directed the film, which stars Milena Picado. National musician Arturo Pardo also appeared in the trailer.

The dramatic work will be presented in commercial cinemas next year.

The main character, Juana, lives through an intense flood of emotions as she faces her past and future.

The film is a representation of how people handle grief and how the “Romería” helps them become cleansed from everything.

The viewers will have to draw some personal conclusions.

Today, in Argentina, “The Heat After the Rain” will be shown for the first time abroad. Commercial partners will be sought and it should be available to watch in Costa Rica in 2017 after it makes its way through film festivals.

El calor después de la lluvia – Trailer Oficial. from Caramba Films on Vimeo.


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