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Costa Rican Man Arrested For Exploiting Woman In Intimate Video

Costa Rica News – The OIJ has captured a man who had been extorting a woman for about two years.

exploiting videoHe had the victim pay him $200 every two weeks for that period of time in order to not publish an intimate video of her.

The pair had sex by mutual agreement but the man recorded it without the woman’s consent and then later threatened to release it on social media outlets.

The man, Rovira, age 31, recently told her he needs much more money in order to buy a motorcycle.

At that point, not having ¢5 million, she decided to go to the authorities and explain her situation. They helped her out by arresting the man after seeing him accept money from her.

The arrest was made at La Sabana on Friday. The man was transferred to the Public Ministry. He is charged with the crime of extortion.

The police did not immediately give more details on the case.

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