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Costa Rican Killed for Protecting Animals

Costa Rica News – 28 year old Diego Armando Saborío González was killed for protecting wild animals on his family’s farm. He was shot in the chest on Sunday and then his house was burned down.

costa rica murder 1The OIJ found his body along with the suspect’s wallet and ID card at the scene of the crime. The suspect is Miguel Pineda Chaves, a hunter from the area. They have a warrant out for his arrest.

According to neighbors, Saborío forbade Pineda from hunting on his 150 acre farm because he wanted to protect the forest and the animals, such as deer and agoutis.

This issue became so escalated that a life was lost. Additionally, there was about 40 million colones worth of damage estimated.

The fire seems to have been sparked in four locations of the house, according to the fire fighters.

A neighbor rushed over when he saw the flames but his friend had already died. Most of the witnesses have left the area and been offered protection.

This occurred in Chamorro de Cutris, San Carlos.

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