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Costa Rican Judges Using Cell Phones During Drug Trafficking Trials Cause Cases to Be Dismissed

Costa Rica News – Jairo Mora and now this. How much of a joke is the Costa Rican legal system? If you were a judge on a case no matter how big or small why would you be using your cell phone during the trial? 

judge on cell phone costa ricaCell phone use can distract one from just about anything. Someone updates a status and we have to see it immediately, taking attention off the things that really matter, what we are doing in the moment. But not in a court of law.

Three judges were distracted by their cell phones, resulting in the cancellation of ten year sentences against three individuals for drug trafficking.

The judges were recorded being more interested in their phones than the trial. One was on her phone while taking details from someone. She then had to say that she was not clear about whether or not she had already asked for his parents’ names.

We are all entitled to a fair trial in which the judge hears evidence, witnesses and arguments with their full attention. The actions of these judges violate due process. The judges may have to pay the costs involved in the wasted proceedings.

So three more people have been set free, guilty or not guilty, on drug trafficking charges.  It makes you wonder who is really running the Costa Rican legal system, the law or the cartels.

The worst part is that these judges will most likely not be held accountable for their actions.  

It is coming to a point where Costa Rica does not even try to hide the corruption anymore as it knows no one can do anything.  

How much bad is it going to get and can anything be done?


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