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Costa Rican Judge Suspended for Trying to Intimidate Police

Costa Rica News – The Supreme Court decided to suspend a judge, Gonzáles Grajales, for one month without pay for trying to intimidate traffic cops, to get out of a ticket using her position in the government.

Cold Hard JusticeApparently the judge was pulled over in Puntarenas on October 9th of last year. Her reaction was less than professional. She told the two cops that they didn’t know who they were messing with.

The officers filed a complaint on October 11th, 2013 and the investigation began immediately. The report says that González refused to stop when the cops attempted to pull her over.

When she finally did, she got out of her car while they were writing the ticket and began threatening them and saying that she was going to report them since she was a civil judge.

She took pictures of the cops. She even followed them back to their checkpoint, continuing to take pictures and videos with her cell phone. She was having an outburst and abusing her professional position.

González, nonetheless, says that she will appeal the decision to suspend her.

Knowing the Costa Rica backward legal system the judge will probably get to reside over her own case……just kidding.

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