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Costa Rican Invention Helps Process Crime Scenes

Costa Rica News – For all those that are CSI fans, maybe you will see this invention in one of their crime scenes in the future. 

crime scene investigation costa ricaA tica developed a new way to see forensic evidence. Tatiana Rodriguez won an award for this invention, her “method of laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer.”

Most of us that have tuned into CSI know that the basis of forensic science is studying the residues left behind at a crime scene. Tiny materials (with a big story to tell) are left anytime there is contact between a person and an object.

Tatiana created a laser that vaporizes small evidence, unseen by the naked eye. It is then chemically analyzed and identified against chemical profiles to find documentation on the object and learn facts about it.

It’s easy to use. One just places the sample and presses a button to activate the laser. The whole analysis takes just three minutes. It is clean and precise, a real innovation. It’s main advantage is that most of the evidence is left untouched.

All types of materials can be analysed with little manipulation.

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