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Costa Rican Has Found Success As Stripper in Las Vegas

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Bryan Ganoza has found great success as a stripper in Las Vegas.

He performs at the Hustler Club in the “City of Sin.” His stunning physique is the focus of the women’s attention at this top club. The club is exclusively for women.

Many have bachelorette parties there. On weekends, there are over 300 guests.

The model, with US and Costa Rican nationality, has been part of the Kings of Hustler show for 18 months now. He and the other 17 men entertain the female audience with sensual choreography and dynamics. It’s one of the best such shows in the world. They use firemen and cowboy costumes as well as lose some clothes along the way.

Ganoza has experience since he started dancing on platforms at the age of 18. He also previously pursued his acting career in Mexico.

He is currently in Costa Rica visiting his mom for Mother’s Day not to give lap dances and will soon return to the show.

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