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Costa Rican Government Starts Gun Control

Costa Rica News – Well as you all know it is Monkey See, Monkey Do when it comes to Costa Rica’s government. USA passes a law then Costa Rica follows suit. I have no problem with certain laws being passed as long as they are being enforced properly. 

gun control laws 1That is the main problem in Costa Rica those who are supposed to be following the laws do not and those who are supposed to be enforcing the laws do not.  This is just another joke in the line of Costa Rica trying to mimic the United States.  If you want to be like the USA so much why do you have an innate hate for gringos? You are the ones passing these stupid laws yourselves and you are causing these increases in the cost of living. I know you think you shit does not not stink but it is time to start having some real changes and it starts with government.

With messages like “32 women were killed in 2011 with guns,” the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica has launched a battle against gun ownership.

Its main tool in this fight is an awareness campaign that was launched yesterday and will circulate in different media.

The campaign highlights statistical data and are supplemented reprimands as “A weapon only bring problems, do not allow weapons in his house.”

Yesterday, during the presentation, President Laura Chinchilla said she also will take other actions such as the destruction of 3,675 seized weapons.

Government will send to Congress a proposal to reform the gun laws. According Chinchilla, the idea is to “promote greater regulation” in Costa Rica.

The Deputy Minister of Interior, Marcela Chacon, said the initiative seeks, for example, changes in the marking of arms and ammunition to track them more easily.

I have an idea I have seen over just the past few months 2 obvious inside jobs at armories that are supposedly run by police with ethics.  When you have police giving guns to the criminals in order to make some extra cash, it is time to take a good look at yourself instead of pointing fingers.

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