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CR Food Hits the USA; Ticas With a Twist

Costa Rica News – If you are Costa Rican and in the mood for a taste from home in the New York area, you can now enjoy some flavors from home while out of the town.  

ticas with a twist costa rican food 1Ticas with a Twist took over Aladdin’s on the waterside of Corn Hill Landing, N.Y. Mariana and Alejandra Cespedes are sisters who were working on a deal to take over Aladdin’s under the same name, but it fell through, so now they offer similar food with their own flare and name.

The twist is that the specials are all Costa Rican. They are introducing this food to Rochester for the first time. Since they weren’t sure if there would be enough clients wanting the specialties from their hometown, they put them on the specials board but also have a wide range regular menu.

They have sopa negra with big tomato chunks, extra cilantro, and a hard boiled egg. Around the rim of the bowl is Salsa Lizano. Another signature is chifrijo, a dish of beans and fried pork with, of course, tomato, cilantro, and Lizano. The Tica Roll mixes in some mediterranean tastes with shrimp and chicken with feta cheese and pine nuts.

Don’t skip out before dessert of tres leches in a cupcake form with icing. They also serve baklava and coconut rice pudding. Wine and beer are served and outdoor seating overlooks the stunningly beautiful Genesee River.

 You can check out their facebook page here.

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