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Costa Rican Film to Depict Pilgrimage (Romeria) to the Virgin of Los Angeles

Costa Rica Entertainment – “The Heat After the Rain,” or “El Calor Después de la Lluvia,” is a drama being filmed in Costa Rica.

Virgin of Los Angeles costa rica 1It is a story about Juana, a woman walking towards the Virgin of Los Angeles carrying with her a bag of unresolved conflicts.

The piece is directed by the Chilean-Costa Rican filmmaker Christopher Serra.

The pilgrimage to the Virgin is one that most all Costa Ricans have made at least once in their lives, and many perform it annually.

The pilgrimage will be filmed in high definition and with unique techniques.

It is to be made as an evolution of the short film “When We Arrive,” which premiered at the Film Festival of Valdivia, Chile.

The director has focused on this theme since 2008 and done plenty of anthropological research. He aims to show how people handle grief and use the pilgrimage.

Filming is ready to start but funding for the last 10% is lacking. To help get this movie made, feel free to donate to the crowdfunding campaign to raise $15,000. Visit

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