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Costa Rican Festivals

Costa Ricans are a naturally jovial people and it reflects in their various annual festivals. They love to celebrate their culture and heritage,

and cherish their religious beliefs. The following are some of the most-noteworthy ones for March and April.

The Caribbean Music Festival

This cultural celebration is annually held at Puerto Viejo and organized by the Playa Chiquita Lodge. The festivities would last for almost a month, celebrating and showcasing local musicians. The genre featured has steadily grown annually. Imagine listening to greatCaribbeanmusic playing on a scenic beach front and it’s easy to understand why this is one of the highlights every year.

Juan Santamaría Day

Yearly, during the week of April 11,Costa Ricacommemorates their national Hero, Juan Santamaria. Probably the loudest festival annually, parades and concerts is common fare during this week, and festivities are liveliest atAlajuelaProvince, the hero’s hometown.

Semana Santa

Semana Santa or Holy week is the largest and most solemn festivals during this time of the year.  Some celebrate this by participating in processions, with San Jose getting the most number of joiners.  Others take the time to unwind and take a break during Semana Santa.

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