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Costa Rican Fashion Designer Whitney Valverde Blossoming in London

Costa Rica Entertainment – Costa Rica’s young designer, Whitney Valverde, is a symbol of the latest trends in both clothing and accessories in London.  

Whitney Valverde costa rica fashion designer mainShe recommends how to dress on her site,

She graduated from the prestigious Saints Martins School of Arts before venturing to London to realize her dream and share her designs.

She got interested in fashion because it was hard to find clothes to fit her petite size.

She recently was part of an online competition by Want Her Dress in which they searched, by public vote, for the best blogger in all of London and she was chosen as the first place winner.

Valverde is often featured in Cosmopolitan magazine from England regarding various fashion events taking place.

This helps her become more aware of what is trending and how the prices and quality are. She only recommends products she really believes in.


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