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Costa Rican “Ex-Model” Suing Over Her Butt Implants

Costa Rica News – Vanity sometimes has a price.

Cristina García Chacón, a 46-year-old ex-model, is asking ¢143 million from a doctor who reportedly deformed her glutes by injecting a substance into that body part back in September 2011.

Her attorney, Jorge Rodriguez, explains that she is suing Dr. Vargas Scott for wrongful injury in a suit that started on Monday at the Criminal Court, in Pavas, San Jose.

The amount asked for may increase if the judicial assessment deems it should based on disability throughout the years.

The problem happened on September 19, 2011 at the Lindora Cosmetic Center which is owned by Vargas.

She expected the doctor to perform an infiltration procedure to fill two holes in the gluteus.

The patient paid $2,260 for the 350 cubic centimeters of the substance polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) in each buttock.

The doctor told her there were no harmful side effects and did not have her sign a consent explaining that PMMA can cause inflammation, mutilations and deformities.

In her case, it left the area including her genitals bruised and deformed.

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