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Costa Rican Doctor Murders Girl Pregnant with His Child?

Costa Rica News – Dr. Jose Alonso Saavedra Zamora seems to have (quite poorly) devised a plan to conceal a murder.

costa rica murder 1The victim, Maria Lourdes Moreno Davila, age 25, was murdered in his office in Heredia.

The doctor was arrested and is being tried in the Criminal Court of Heredia. The prosecution believes the doctor murdered the girl after she said she was pregnant with his child.

The man blamed the incident on the victim, saying it was a suicide. Although she was beaten and her neck was slashed, he claims she did this to herself. For some reason, he stayed in the office ten minutes after the death.

Believing anything other than that he murdered her and then manipulated the scene offends common intelligence.

Still, he was released on bail and must pay damages to the victim’s son. He is awaiting the final judgement.

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