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Costa Rican Develops Search Engine for the Blind; CR Texter

Costa Rica News – Navigating through advertisements on the internet and through complex websites is a pain for anyone but has been almost impossible for the blind and those with limited sight, until now.

search engine for blind cr texterLuis Naranjo, from the Fidelitas University, developed a tool called CR Texter.

It’s a search engine developed specifically for those with vision problems. It’s available at

The basic idea is that it purifies the information and gets rid of the trash. It makes the sites rustic enough to be clearly read by a screen reader.

The software displays information on the search page without advertisements or visuals. The text can be saved or shared as well.

The person can access much of the information needed without going to another page since the software is comprehensive.

This cuts the chances of accidentally going to a page that contains a virus.

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