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Costa Rican Dancer Going to Be in a Justin Bieber Concert in Miami

Costa Rica Entertainment – I am sure that this is an honor for this Costa Rican dancer.

justin-bieber 2016 purpose tourCosta Rican Jimena Cassola, age 14, was one of four people chosen to dance at a Justin Bieber concert in Miami this July 2.

It was a dream thousands auditioned for but just four girls will get the honor of dancing with him.

The concert is part of the Purpose World Tour. To audition, the child dancers had to submit a video presenting and interpreting the choreography of the song “Children.”

They also had to show improvising skills.

Jimena learned about the contest on a Friday and had only until Monday to submit the video. She has danced many genres since the age of 9.

Her best friend helped her record and edit the piece.

She is super happy to have been chosen. Her mom is very proud of her too. Her mom talks about how dedicated her daughter is to her dream. She now has this great wish granted to dance with a renowned artist.

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