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Costa Rican Congress Passes Dogfighting Legislation

Costa Rica News – It seems Costa Rica is finally getting serious about protecting animals. Yesterday, the Costa Rican congress ratified on second and final debate the first dog fighting legislation by majority vote. The legislation now only requires the presidential signature. Cynthia Dent, regional director of HSI Latin America, said:

dog fighting costa rica“We welcome the passing of the new legislation, which provides another tool to fight a practice that deliberately inflicts suffering on animals. Thanks to the approval of this trailblazing legislation by the Costa Rican congress, we will continue to pursue and prosecute breeders, fighters and promoters of dogfighting”.

Humane Society International Latin America has collaborated with the National Animal Health Service (SENASA) and American Stafford Costa Rica in drafting specific legislation which penalizes individuals participating in dog fights and allows for higher economic sanctions.

Dogfighting is an illegal activity in which both dogs often suffer life threatening injuries, and due to the nature of this practice, animals don’t receive necessary medical care. Additionally, dogfighting exposes youth to violence and desensitizes them from committing acts of cruelty towards animals. HSI Latin America, SENASA and American Stafford Costa Rica recently launched a new tip line, urging the citizenry to provide necessary information against individuals who breed, sell, train or fight dogs.

About the new legislation:

The approval of the new legislation makes dogfighting a criminal offense, with more severe economic sanctions
It imposes jail time for perpetrators caught in the act of a dog fight
It prohibits the creation, buying and selling of artifacts used in dogfighting or dog fighting training
The legislation also permits the eventual creation of an offender list

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