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Costa Rican Company Creates Smart Assistant for Facebook Messenger

Costa Rica News – Edna is a smart assistant for Facebook Messenger that will be available in May.

Edna can help the user complete tasks like making purchases and reservations. It is based on artificial intelligence.

The Throne Tech company created Edna. Check out

This intelligent assistant understands language, analyzes information and learns the tastes of the user. It can be used to acquire air tickets or buy a pizza.

In the future, it will be incorporated to be available in WhatsApp and normal text messages. This is because people no longer want to go to the app store and get yet another app which will take up space and time. It, therefore, works within existing apps.

The personal assistant will respond to messages in five minutes or less. It will ensure it correctly understood what the person wants and then provide an estimate of how long it will take.

If the request takes an hour, it costs $20. If it takes three minutes, the charge is $1.

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