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Costa Rican Business Benefit from Online Advertising

San Jose, Costa Rica – Companies engaged in the sale of cars, fast food, airline tickets, English lessons and tourist services and banking, are among those found on the internet the terrain on which to expand your advertising investment.  Google, YouTube, Facebook, Terra, Waze (mobile application), MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail and certain media as are some websites that have capitalized on that investment, although still low compared to amounts to be allocated to traditional media.

This is the impression of Susan Pabon, who serves as Communications Manager for Google in Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean. In an interview from Bogota, she said that this percentage in our country does not exceed 4% of the total invested by the advertising industry.

Cristian Cambronero, journalist and social media strategist BigWebNoise company said that Internet advertising does not work the same for all companies involved in patterning.

Each case must be examined from a diagnosis of your target audience, which seeks to meet the interests and even the business profile, work should have the advice of specialists, he said.

Among domestic companies who made ​​this leap with advertising presence on the web, is the group Q.Erick Xirinachs, business manager for Hyundai, said the company dabbled with advertising brand cars in 2010 and a year later, specific campaigns created for the network.

The executive said that his client intended between 3% and 5% of the total annual budget guideline for Internet in the case of the Hyundai brand.

QSR is another domestic firms, since 2010, includes advertising in digital media within its strategic communication plan, said Carolina Beeche, general manager of marketing for the company, which operates KFC franchises, Teriyaki and Quiznos.

“This decision was based on an analysis of consumption and consumer interests and the growing tendency of those who consult the web to make purchasing decisions,” argued the executive.

The three fast food brands with advertising present Adds Facebook, MSN, Hotmail, Google Display, and also on the mobile platform Waze.

Marvin Calderon, marketing manager for American University, also confirmed the raid ad in this house of studies in several websites.

So does Cemaco. Laura Lamb, Head of Marketing, said the investment in media such as Facebook and is provided in the release of your campaigns.

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