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Costa Rican Bullfights Must Insure Amateur Bullfighters

Costa Rica News – One of the biggest Costa Rica traditions during the Christmas holidays are the bullfights. Costa Rica bullfights are not what you have seen in Spain, as the bull does not get hurt.  The bull can get quite irritated though as do I when I am surrounded by drunk people.

costa rica bullfights mainBasically if you have not been to one of these events this is a run down of what happens, here goes……

A bunch of not very intelligent or intoxicated people (mostly machismo men) get into the bullring. They try to annoy the bull by trying to touch him, pull his tail, or do other things that entice the bull to charge and try to knock these people over.

This year these morons will at least have a little insurance in case they get hurt.

Companies or municipalities that organize bullfights must carry an insurance policy to protect people that are being dumbasses in the bullrings.

The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) reported that care in hospitals does not cover people that are gored by the bulls. The injuries are not related to sickness or maternity so they are not covered.

The reason for this is that it can be expensive to treat the injuries that people obtain in this events can be quite expensive. For example recently it cost CCSS over $60,000 to perform several reconstructive surgeries for a person injured in the bullring.

Is it fair to require the event holders to pay for this for the idiots that know the dangers of getting in the ring? Probably not, but what can you do, Costa Rican government policy makes sense about 1% of the time.


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