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Costa Rican Boxer Hanna Gabriels Has Her Baby

Costa Rica Sports News – I am already putting my name in the hat to be the sports agent for Ex-World Champion Boxer Hanna Gabriels and her husband Tiquito Bryan Vasquez’s child who was born yesterday.  Talk about great boxing genes.  

hanna gabriels babyFemale boxer Hanna Gabriels was “knocked out” in a new way, yesterday, with joy over the birth of her daughter. She became a mother for the very first time. Her husband, Tiquito Bryan Vasquez, is also a boxer.

Gabriels, the athlete and student of physical therapy, went into labor at 12:15 p.m., at 39 weeks pregnant. Because of strong contractions, the baby was born via cesarean. They picked out the name months ago, Mia. She was born at 1:30 p.m., weighing 3.52 grams and measuring 51 inches.

Tiquito was at his wife’s side the whole time. He took a break for just a moment to post “Ready for a baby” on his Facebook profile. The manager for both boxers, Mario Vega, said that, “Everything went super well. I was with them. Hanna is super happy. She and the baby are fine and in perfect condition.”

Vega thinks the baby looks like Bryan, but Bryan says she looks like her mother. Bryan is full of joy but also sad because he has to leave so soon for training in the States for his fight against Jose Felix Junior. He must leave for Los Angeles on Saturday for this important commitment in his career.

Dorlie Gabriels, Hanna’s sister, expressed the emotions the family is having. “It is a very special moment,” she said. “There are now six nieces and nephews.”

 Pictures from Hanna Gabriels Facebook Page

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