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Costa Rican Band Playing At International BeatleWeek Festival

Costa Rica Entertainment – The Costa Rican band the Beagirls is about to live out one of their biggest dreams as the group was invited to participate in the International BeatleWeek Festival, to be held in Liverpool, England, in August.

The group, formed by Hazel-Marcie Rodríguez, Sofía Muñoz, Maddie Serrano and Iriabelle González, received the invitation to share the stage with more than 20 groups from many countries in honor of the musical legacy of The Beatles.

The event will take place from August 23 to 29 at The Caver, the music club where

The Beatles first played. Songs from the broad repertoire of The Big Four will be played by the young girls.

They are excited, as the invitation was a pleasant surprise. They are a bit nervous but have plenty of time to prepare.

They will bring a joyful interpretation to the songs they will play.

You can check out their Facebook Page here.

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