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Costa Rica Yoga Studio Introduces Bar Workout

Costa Rica News – For all those women out there looking for a way to one their bodies and also network with other women with your same desire or having and keeping a healthy body, The Flying Fitness Studio in Escazu has the workout for you. 

Flying Fitness Studio Bar Workout 1You go to the bar with your friends every Friday night, why not suggest going to a different kind of bar- a workout one!

What’s a bar workout? It’s a fusion exercise which combines pilates, yoga, and ballet for a unique fitness routine. This low impact yet challenging workout lengthens your muscles, toning your whole body! The emphasis is on targeting the trouble areas of most women- upper arms, abs, and seat. With regular attendance you will see results in a few short weeks.  Flying Fitness Studio is the only location for this class in all of Costa Rica. It is located in Plaza Florencia, Escazu, Costa Rica.

Is The BAR Workout for you? It’s for women only. What kind of women? The one’s who want to tone, tighten, increase flexibility, try a new kind of exercise, recover from surgery or joint issues, or to loose weight. It can be a great addition to your other preferred forms of fitness.

How does it work? The BAR Workout is based on a combination of large repetitions and small pulsing movements; muscle shaping techniques of isometrics. The equipment used includes a ballet bar, small weights, and a yoga mat.

Reviews from clients were so great that classes are now offered nearly every day! The schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:15, Thursdays at 3pm, and Friday at 7:15 am and 2:30 pm. There is a FREE BAR Workout every Saturday in February and March at Avenida Escazu’s Mercado Contemporaneo km0 at 11am. After your outdoor workout you can also enjoy fresh artisanal food in the sunshine!

The BAR Workout will lead you to a sculpted body, flat abs, flexible arms, reduced weight, and a strong posture. It is the most targeted body sculpting workout for women today!

Enjoy your first class for free to try them out.

Flying Fitness Studio Facebook Page –

Address – Plaza Florencia, 10203 Escazú, Costa Rica
Phone – 87064388 cell, 22894960 studio
Email – [email protected]

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