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Costa Rica Will Not Give Syrian Refugees Shelter

Costa Rica News – Mexican Drug cartels are ok……. Colombian drug dealers are just fine…… the worst of the worst gringos are accepted……but Syrian refugees are not allowed.  Interesting.

Raghed, 7, stands among rubbish at an informal refugee settlement in Qab Elias in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. This camp is home to families who fled to Lebanon hundreds of kilometers from their home in Hassakah near to Syria's northern border. Many told CRS their homes had bee after their home was destroyed in an airstrike. Fighting between Kurdish groups and Turkish troops prevented a safe passage to nearby Turkey. There is no electricity at the camp and water has to be drawn by hand from a well. Families here have received critical food, shelter support and living supplies from Catholic Relief Services and our partner, Caritas Lebanon. CRS, Caritas and other local partners are helping more than 15,000 refugees across the country, and more than 100,000 Syrians across the region. An estimated 100,000 people have been killed within Syria, with millions uprooted inside the country and at least 1.2 million people having fled into neighboring countries to seek help.

President of Costa Rica Luis Guillermo Solís rejected on Friday giving shelter to Syrian refugees.

“We are in a very different cultural area, and there isn’t a community of reference able to give them shelter,” he excused himself.

According to Solis, those coming from Syria would not find the sociological, religious or cultural shelter they need to live normally in this nation.

In the opinion of Solis, welcoming the refugees would only have a symbolic implication, “without an important incidence in the situation of crisis.”
“I would rather maintain a very serious, responsible and articulated policy in handling immigrants or those asking for political asylum than playing with people who have very great needs and even greater expectations that finally will end in a country that is not adequate and even condemned to discrimination,” he added.

The United Nations estimated that some 381,000 Syrian refugees and immigrants traveled to Europe during 2015, a situation that analysts describe as migratory crisis.

From MEHR News Agency, Edited by Dan Stevens

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