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Costa Rica Whale Watching; Get the Whale Alert App

Costa Rica News – This App is a must have for anyone going out on a boat to take in some whale watching in Costa Rica, as the season is upon us.

whale watching costa rica 2Perhaps the coolest new app is one that shows real time images of the ocean. It’s meant to protect whales.

Environmental activists have come together with governmental agencies to provide this tool.

With this Whale Alert app, sailors can avoid hitting whales and thus aid in their conservation. It provides information about places where whales have been seen or heard recently.

It also encourages slower speeds in certain areas and lists areas to stay out of completely to avoid accidents with endangered species. Collisions with fast moving boats is a leading cause of death among whales.

Many sailors are aware of the issue and try to navigate around them but until now the equipment available was too outdated. Thanks to this new app 33,000 users are already more apt to sail safely.

Alaska cruises began using it this month.

You can get the App Here

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