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Costa Rica Welcomes It’s First Sextuplets

Costa Rica News – For the first time in history, Costa Rica recorded the birth of sextuplets: four boys and two girls.

sextillizas-Hospital-Mujeres-Diana-MendezThe babies were delivered by Cesarean section and are reported stable according to the deputy director of the Hospital Mexico, Dr. Juan Ugalde. The mother, Silvia Villegas 34, resident of Heredia, was reported as stable.

Being premature none of the babies have any malformations or serious diseases, said Dr. Olga Arguedas, director of the Hospital Nacional de Niños (Children’s Hospital).

After the birth, three infants remained at the Hospital Mexico, two were admitted at the Hospital de la Mujer (Women’s hospital) and one at the San Juan de Dios.

A total of 21 specialists and cooperation of five state hospitals took part in the births.

The news of the imminent arrival of the babies was at 7:46 pm through a chat by medical staff named “la media docena” (the half dozen) on the social media network WhatsApp, said Dr. Arguedas.

The first to be born was a girl at 9:39 pm, while San José was being covered by ash from the most recent eruption of the Turrialba volcano.

By 9:41p m, all the babies were born, weighing between 900-100 grams (31 to 38 ounces).

For security protocol, the press was not allowed to enter the medical center.

The pregnancy had reached 28 weeks gestation. The doctors said they could not wait any longer, because the uterus was putting pressure on the lungs of the woman.

The family, residents of , who waited the news anxiously were full of joy and celebration when Dr. Sonia Vargas, director of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Mexico hospital issued the news, “everything went well”.

From QCostaRica, Pictures from La Nacion

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