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CR Welcomes International Banana Congress

Costa Rica News – Go Bananas! Go-Go-Bananas! Sorry had to throw a little cheer leading at the beginning of this. The banana industry is just as important and central in Costa Rica as is the coffee industry, but far less talked about.

Fifth International Congress of Bananas 1International experts will be brought in to the country to discuss the challenges facing the banana industry of today.

This will occur at the Fifth International Congress of Bananas, from February 24th to 27th, 2014. This special event is being organized by the National Banana Corporation.

600 participants are expected to attend, flying in from all parts of the world.

Of that 600, 30 are field experts who are prepared to talk about climate change’s impact on global food, nanotechnology, as it relates to agriculture, and the consumer trends that affect marketing bananas.

Many themes will be covered in the conference, including research, policy, environmental management, logistics, innovation, and social responsibility.

Exhibitors including Gert Kema and Angelique D’Hont will go into specifics like trends in banana transport, the role of supermarkets, and controlling fruit diseases.


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