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Costa Rica Weekend Events – Apr 19 – 20

Costa Rica News – As Thursday night’s publish will be in essence our weekend edition we will give a run down of a few events happening in Costa Rica in different areas that we think our readers might enjoy attending. This is by no means all the weekend events but ones that appeal to our curiosity or excitement bug. 

2103 reef classic costa ricaThis is a great weekend to head to one of the beach towns or enjoy from music in San Jose.

2013 Costa Rica Reef Classic in Costa Rica – This is a great weekend to head out to the Mal Pais/Santa Teresa area to enjoy both some great surfing and beautiful latina women as the Costa Rica Reef Classic competition will be coinciding with the Reef Girl beauty contest. Just think to yourself surfing and sexy latinas in skimpy bikinis.

This is one of the most competitive surf competitions in Costa Rica and will host some of the best Latin American surfers.  If you cannot make it out there check out the live stream. 

If you want to learn more about this event and see some pictures of some gorgeous latinas check out the article we did earlier this week.

“The Odd Couple” in Tamarindo – For any of you that want a dose of theater this weekend head out to Tamarindo for The Odd Couple produced by Mixed Nuts.

Felix Ungar, a neurotic, neat freak newswriter (a photographer in the television series), is thrown out by his wife, and moves in with his friend Oscar Madison, a messy sportswriter. Despite Oscar’s problems – careless spending, excessive gambling, a poorly kept house filled with spoiled food – he seems to enjoy life. Felix, however, seems utterly incapable of enjoying anything and only finds purpose in pointing out his own and other people’s mistakes and foibles. Even when he tries to do so in a gentle and constructive way, his corrections and suggestions prove extremely annoying to those around him. Oscar, his closest friend, feels compelled to throw him out after only a brief time together, though he quickly realizes that Felix has had a positive effect on him.

April 18-20, Fisch’s Restaurant, Tamarindo, Guanacaste, dinner at 6 p.m. and show at 8 p.m., tickets at Jaime Peligro Book Store in Tamarindo, 2653-0100, [email protected]

Rock Fest in San Jose –  The concert will showcase 25 national rock bands who will unite to show off the local rock rock fest 2013 costa ricatalent found Costa Rica dating back to the late 90′s and early 2000′s. This festival will be a rock music congregation of emerging groups as well as many already recognized groups.

The Rock Fest 2013 concert will take place on Saturday April 20 at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa in Tibás. The concert will begin at 11am and run through till midnight. The producer and Rock Fest brand owner, Ernesto Adduci along with the organizers, Evenpro are expecting an audience of 10,000 to attend the event.

There will be two platforms located within the stadium. The most popular groups will have 40 minutes to play, while more recent emerging groups will have 25 minutes to strut their stuff. Get your tickets at

You can always head to the beach as well, for you surfers here is the weekend surf report.  

If you have any suggestions or weekend events please email a 2 to 3 paragraph description, the location, the time, and any contact info you want.

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