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Costa Rica Websites Helping Increase Effeciency

Costa Rica News – Most of us have waited in lines for hours at some sort of government entity in order to try to accomplish a business related task.  Also most of us have found out after those waits that we did not have the required paperwork and were sent home without that permit or necessary document we were trying to obtain in our hands.

costa rica regulations and laws 1We can only hope that these 3 websites that have been activated will help make these processes more efficient.

Site 1 – – This site is for registration and activation of S.A.’s, by facilitating the establishment and putting into operation companies in Costa Rica, through electronic media and the simplification of procedures.

The platform can be accessed by all people, national or foreign, who want to learn or follow up on the steps necessary to create a legal company in Costa Rica.
Site 2 – – This site provides a single window  for the implementation of licenses, permits and authorizations and the prerequisites to obtain these, via electronic media and simplification of procedures. The goal of this site is to reduce the amount of paperwork required to get these thins done
Site 3 – – This is the daddy of them all in my opinion. eRegulations Costa Rica is an online database designed to provide complete transparency in investment procedures in Costa Rica. This deals with regulations when it comes to social security, paying taxes, imports, exports, real estate, and much more.
Although all these sites are in Spanish you can Google translate them to get at least an idea of what requirements are necessary instead of having to wait in line and get sent home knowing that another day of mines and waiting is in front of you.

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