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Costa Rica Waterfall Adventure (Video)

Costa Rica Travel News – It was a gorgeous morning; a perfect one, in fact, for an adventure to some nearby waterfalls fairly deep into Costa Rica’s jungle. Our plan was to meet our new found friends at the base of the mountain Michael and I live on at 10:30 am. After packing all the materials necessary for a day long journey i.e. food, drinks, rain gear, camera etc., we proceeded to haul down the mountain on foot as fast as we could.

costa rica waterfall adventureUpon arriving to the base promptly 15 minutes late, we waited for about 10 minutes wondering if the train had left without us. No more than a minute later, a rented truck full of people who were ready to have an awesome time pulled up with the music up and the horn honking. It was on from there.

Judging by the guy sitting comfortably in the bed of the truck it was obvious the front cabin was already filled. Accepting the situation, Michael and I hopped in the back and worked out the best seating arrangement with our soon to be friend, Josh. We gave the driver the O.k. and we were off. I wasn’t exactly sure where we were headed and I didn’t have to, just the fact that we were off to find some waterfalls in the back country of Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica was enough for me.

Conversation was great and the feeling of some wind in your face was amazing. Everything was going smooth, literally, up until we hit dirt road. Things changed a bit after that. Our new friend Josh decided he was tired of sitting, consequently standing up to do a little of what he began to call “truck surfing.” It didn’t take too long before Michael decided he was going to stand up as well creating a tandem truck surf never before seen by these eyes.

We proceeded inland through many small villages while observing ticos (local Costa Ricans) tend to their land and live their everyday lives, secluded up in the vast jungle. Experiencing the wonderfully raw part of Costa Rica not many gringos get to see was a privilege and we treated it that way. I especially realized this when we arrived to the gate where it was time for the eight of us to use our legs. Only about a half mile walk was required from there to get us to our destination.

Magnificence was all around; a heavily flowing waterfall was encircled by high mountains and tall trees, the sun was glimmering off the rippling water in the pond, and Mother Nature was singing to all of us. You really just had to stop for a second, drink it all in and thoroughly appreciate the beauty that is nature. After I got a good solid drink it was time to explore.

Priority number one was getting in that water, preferably by way of jumping. We were able to find a few different spots to jump from, with the highest being around 35 to 40 feet tall we collectively determined. A few of us hiked up two more levels against the steady flow of water to find deep miniature pools carved out by the constant circulation of water, one of which none of us could even fine the bottom of. We were playing on nature’s playground without a care in the world.

After about an hour of play we packed it up and started our journey back home. Only to stop shortly thereafter at a scenic outside restaurant that provided cover from the torrential downpour that began minutes earlier. It was a perfect time to sit with our newly acquired friends and reminisce about the day’s events, share stories, and plan the activities for the rest of the day/night. That whole day came and went all too quickly as they so often due. Priceless memories attained from that expedition won’t be forgotten any time soon; but, if for some reason I do happen to forget then no worries.

The Video below was shot with Reel Cameras

Costa Rica Waterfall Adventure

By Tanner Sanders

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