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Costa Rica Wants Another Holiday

Costa Rica News – Well I understand the reasoning behind this desire to have Father’s Day as an official holiday since Mother’s Day is a national holiday in Costa Rica.

fathers day costa ricaBut sometimes I just think that governments and people in general just do not want to work s much.

Rolando González, legislator for the Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN), is proposing making June the a national holiday to honour fathers.

The legislator says the proposal would be in line “with the prevail of equality between men and women in all areas.

Costa Rica society treats equally the duties and rights of both women and men, however, women are honoured with a legal holiday, while men are not, explains the legislator.

You would think with the lack of traffic police, the bad business of Recope and everything else going on in the country the government would have better ways to spend their time other than getting another day off.

With any luck it will pass by the 3rd Sunday in June.

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