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Costa Rica Versus Las Vegas for a Bachelor Party (Video)

Costa Rica Travel News – Las Vegas is called the Sin City because it screams of “I want to make mistakes and not be held accountable for it.”  It has unlimited supply of booze, got numerous casinos, innumerable hot strippers, insane clubs, mouth-watering buffets and even drugs for the taking; these are the best and most unforgettable kind of mistakes.

costa rica bachelor party 1However, Las Vegas is no longer the only Mecca of indulgence. 24/7 clubbing and partying, gambling, excessive drinking and adult entertainment, which are the standard activities when having a bachelor party, is now also available in Costa Rica. So if they are the same why choose to travel abroad to go to Costa Rica and not just spend time in Vegas? The traditional bachelor party, your last farewell to irresponsible lifestyle of singleness, has changed with time. Soon to be married men are now more interested in spending more quality time with their friends and less in spending money in one crazy night of indulgence. Grooms are now geared to spending the last few days of their freedom going fishing, participating in sports events and other male bonding activities. As you can clearly see booze, women, clubs and casinos are available in Vegas but other male bonding activities like what is offered in Costa Rica are not on the menu. In Costa Rica you can enjoy all the things Vegas has to offer while adding tropical and exotic to the concoction. The drawbacks about Las Vegas is it is too expensive, does not offer that much recreational activities so you are limited with what you can do, the soul melting overbearing heat and the colorless desert surrounding it forcing people to stay indoors. In Costa Rica you can drink to your heart’s content, you can partake in high-energy clubbing, enjoy gambling and spend the night with some beautiful Latina. Aside from the usual bachelor party activities Las Vegas offers, in Costa Rica you can delight yourself with outdoor activities because the climate allows it. You can go sport fishing, surfing, golfing, zip lining, white water rafting, ATV tours, waterfall rappelling and other more activities which makes it the ultimate bachelor party destination. So now the big question is, “How much do you have to spend to have a really great and unforgettable time?” The answer to this question depends on what you want do with your moneycosta rica bachelor party and how remarkable do you want it to be? Let us put this in perspective. If you go to Las Vegas you may need to spend $1500 up to $2500 per person for a 3 day/2 night stay. It would include a night or partying and gambling, add some clubbing, a round of golf, one expensive dinner, a trip to the strip joint and transportation cost of getting there and back. But if Costa Rica you can spend 8 up to 10 days of fun and adventure for the same amount you will spend if you go to Las Vegas. During that time you can partake in different recreational activities like zip lining, sport fishing, ATV Tours, eco hiking and other activities mentioned above while enjoying tasty and fresh inexpensive seafood and vegetables at a hotel right on the beach. Clubbing and gambling expenses are also included plus your trip to strip joints. You also get to stay in an awesome 3 to 4 bedroom penthouse situated near the beach where you can totally enjoy the relaxing ambiance and picturesque landscape when you look outside the window. Cost estimate of your 8 to 10 day stay in Costa Rica is around $1800 up to $2300 per individual plus the airfare and pocket money for shopping spree. If you look at the facts presented to you then you can be assured that your bachelor party trip to Costa Rica will be a lot more memorable and worth your hard earned money than your would-be stay in Las Vegas.

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