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Costa Rica Updating Infrastructure; Roads & Ports

Costa Rica News – As per the Inter-American Development Bank, Costa Rica plans to update its infrastructure, both roads and ports. This should help people and goods move around more easily. That will strengthen the relationships between regions in the country and trade with other countries.

Inter-American Development Bank costa ricaThe project can be completed due to the help of a $400 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and another loan, in the amount of $50 million, from the China Co-financing Fund for Latin America.

They plan to repair or pave for the first time 110 km of the road network. Building and repairing 19 bridges and 400 meters of breakwater in ports and widening 51 km or roads from two lanes to four are also included in the goals of the project. The ideal outcome would be a reduction in vehicle operations by 7% and travel time decreased by 28%.

Bettering roads will enable smaller communities to be more connected and offer their products at lower costs. It will also give all Costa Ricans better access to social services for health, education, and all government buildings.

The Limonal-Barranca section of the highway will increase the flow of goods and services from this secluded region. The planned improvements in this area consist of road safety features, signage, bridge widening, and the addition of sidewalks, pedestrian crossways, and bicycle lanes.

Another area that will greatly benefit from this initiative is Puerto Caldera. Reinforcing the port’s breakwater will extend its life by 50 years. They will also expand ferry terminals and piers in Puntarenas, Paquera, and Playa Naranjo.


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