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Costa Rica Unable to Send Its Cubans to Belize

Costa Rica News – Let’s hope that the government has a back up plan for their Cuban refugee crisis, as plans A, B and C have fallen through.

cubans passing through cost ricaBelize and Guatemala are as difficult as Nicaragua, denying passage to the 5,000 Cuban migrants who have been stranded in Costa Rica since mid-November, living in 26 shelters.

Both countries say the problem should be dealt with in the immediate region of Costa Rica and deny that it is an issue for which all of Central America should seek a solution.

The plan suggested, but denied, was to move the migrants by plane from Liberia to Belmopan, Belize, from which they would go through Mexico to the United States. Mexico has agreed to give transit visas to the Cubans.

Costa Rica urges Cubans to stop coming to Costa Rica for now because the country is near its limit and will not be able to properly care for many more people at this time.

The migration must pause for the welfare of those already here and those planning to arrive.

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