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Costa Rica Turning Garbage into Energy

Costa Rica News – With two problems, too much garbage production and rising energy costs, maybe there’s a way to make one problem fix the other. In Leon Cortes, San Jose they certainly think so. There’s a company there that plans to convert solid waste into electricity.

costa rica garbageThe Comptroller General of the Republic has given the go ahead for the city to hire that firm.

The current mayor of the town said there were three years of negotiating with the company Agropecuaria 7048 leading up to the terms of a pre-contract.

The process was to start last month but then, after getting permission to operate for 20 years and charge $20 per tonne of waste, they were stopped abruptly over a law that was issued in June which states that thermal processing of waste is not permitted.

It is a bump in the road, but it’s not the end.

They may still get the Ministry of Health and the National Environmental Technical Secretariat to help them find a way around the decree, a decree which was meant to ensure that the process is safe before allowing it.

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