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Costa Rica Traffic Fine Increases Begin Today

Costa Rica News – Drivers who violate the traffic laws starting today, January 1, will pay 4.59% more in fines, equating to between ¢1.000 and ¢13.000 colones depending on the violation.

costa rica traffic finesAccording to the deputy director of Transito (Traffic police), Sonia Monge, each year the fines take into account changes in the Consumer Price Index (Precios al Consumidor – IPC, in Spanish) to June 30, published by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC).

The increases are based on article 148 of the Ley de Tránsito (Traffic Act).

According to the Monge, the majority of traffic fines are for speeding, driving under the influence, improper turns and not wearing safety devices (seatbelts) as required by law.

An example of the changes in fines are:

1. Driving under the influence ¢306.000 colones (up from ¢293.000)

2. Driving in excess of 40 km/h the posted limit ¢207.000 (up from ¢198.000)

3. Driving a public vehicle (taxi, bus, etc) with excess of passengers ¢51.000 (up from ¢49.000)

4. Evading paying the tolls ¢22.000 (up from ¢21.000)

Some of the infractions like in 1, 2 or 3, the sanction includes points in addition to the monetary fine.

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