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Costa Rica Traditional Food Restaurant Franchise Opens

Costa Rica Entertainment – A new restaurant, Rancho de Cecy, has come to Alajuela. It is the first franchise of its kind here in Costa Rica.

costa rica foodIt serves traditional food. The franchise is backed by CENAF, according to general manager, Douglas Rodriguez.

The chain started last year by improving and developing the franchise process. The menu was standardized so that when more locations open they will all offer the same great taste.

Rancho Cecy will open another location, the first in the capital, in May. It will be in the Plaza Carolina shopping center in San Pedro.

Three new locations are in the works, with investments of over ¢35 million.

Paul J. Ledezma Boschini was the first to invest in the chain. He claimed it was synonymous with economic decline and development.

This is a good time for the franchising market in Costa Rica. The amount of companies working with the model tripled from 2010 to 2015.

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