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CR Tours; Jaco’s New Jungle Booze Cruise (Video)

Costa Rica Travel News – A cruise through the jungle gives tourist an opportunity of a closer look into the small villages, restaurants and bars located a few miles outside of the city of Jaco. This journey into the jungles surrounding Playa Jaco is the only tour of its type in the area.  Not only do you get to experience the flora and fauna, you also get to get a taste of the Costa Rican local culture and food.

jungle booze cruise costa rica 1Climb aboard the Rainforest Adventure Safari 4×4 with your friends and family, grab an icy-cold beer from the cooler, and then just kick back and watch the amazingly exotic Costa Rican rainforest unfold before your eyes. – Adventure Tours CR

The trip begins at the agency’s office where the group meets and can prepare for the all-day trip. People are welcome to bring alcoholic beverages and snacks however; depending on the packet deal alcoholic beverages and lunch may be included. This is the perfect time to buy anything that may be needed or wanted to make the rainforest adventure more comfortable.

The first restaurant and bar is located about forty-five minutes outside of town. During the ride you will come across small waterfalls, panoramic pictures of Jaco and Hermosa beaches and tropical animals. Once the group has arrived to their first location they are welcome to eat, drink or just enjoy socializing with people from the town.

Usually, the second stop takes place around noon at the tilapia farm. This restaurant has two man-maid ponds where people are welcome to fish for their food. The dinning area is located in between the two ponds. This makes it the perfect location to fish as you wait for your food or appetizers.

After fishing, the trip continues to another restaurant in another small town. Once again people are welcome to eat, but in the last location people are welcome to get into the river located in front of the restaurant. The best thing about this last restaurant had to be their Chifrijo. A common dish in Costa Rica that includes: rice, beans, salsa and your choice of meat.

Video – Jungle Booze Cruise in Jaco, Costa Rica

Overall, the trip takes about five to six hours but it can vary depending on how much time you spend at each restaurantjungle booze cruise costa rica and bar. Cost depends on the packet you choose. The number of people in the group, route and number of stops all contribute to the cost. The staff at Tour Adventures will work with anyone to customize the trip route.

There are many things to do while traveling in Costa Rica but being able to visit the small villages offers tourist a unique experience. The Booze Cruise is perfect for family and groups looking to spend some quality time away from the tourist distractions.

You can reserve your Jungle Booze Cruise Tour, and all your other great Costa Rica Tours with Adventure Tours Costa Rica in downtown Jaco Next to Subway, or right online at

By Brenda Sotelo

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