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CR=Top Place to Do Business in Latin America?

Costa Rica News – This ranking frankly surprises me. Perhaps this is for the IT companies that get tax breaks and reductions on the amount they pay for utility bills.  If you have financial backing then Costa Rica can be your oyster but if you are needing your business to immediately generate capital in your pocket then you will most likely fail.

doing business in costa ricaIt definitely is a country where you need money to make money. Need to have enough money for payoffs and kick backs to get things going and to not have any unnecessary shut downs.

Here is the run down of an article recently published….

We know San Jose as a great entry point to the paradise that is Costa Rica. It’s the best place to get a hotel if you want to stay in a central location in order to do trips to places like the Arenal Volcano, Caribbean beaches, and Pacific parties all in one visit.

Now San Jose is being recognized for something other than its convenient location and proximity to the international airport. It is also an amazing option for those wanting to do business in Latin America. In fact, it is the 11th best city in the region for that purpose.

Last year, San Jose, Costa Rica came in at number 12 in the same ranking, which is published by a magazine called America Economia. The magazine wrote about this city on its website, along with the other top cities.

The business potential is rated on a number of key factors. These include the amount of global hotel brands to choose from, the number of ATMs, numbers of universities, physical connectivity, and infrastructure. Miami came in first place, followed by Sao Paulo, Santiago, Mexico City, and Panama City.

Seems odd that Miami a city in the USA was in this ranking but I guess that shows how much the article in “America Economia” really means.  Perhaps we should include Austin. Texas and New York, New York as well?

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